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What should be paid attention to in the transportation of PP electroplating tank
After the manufacturer purchases the PP plating bath, the user should transport the equipment to the place of use. Generally, the transportation distance is not very short. Then, how to protect the PP plating bath from damage during the transportation? Take the PP plating bath in the PP plating bath as an example, which problems should be paid attention to in the transportation equipment.
1. The length of the special pipe tractor for transporting the PP electroplating tank shall not exceed 2m, and the loading height and number of layers shall meet the requirements of the construction specifications.
2. The delivery of PP electroplating tank shall be carried out according to the scheduling plan of the engineering part. Each truck should be loaded with pipes of the same specification. When the pipes are transported to the designated address for unloading, the transportation management personnel and on-site acceptance personnel shall jointly inspect the PP electroplating tank and fill in the inspection records. And hand over the relevant bolt inspection and delivery documents.
3. It is necessary to speed limit and trudge the pipe transport vehicles to avoid sudden braking, pipe displacement and damage to the anti-corrosion coating.
4. Rubber plate with thickness no less than 15mm or its flexible material shall be selected as the soft cushion roof at the bottom of the trailer, and its width shall not be less than 100mm.
5. Nylon belt shall be used for binding, and soft materials shall be padded at the position where the binding appliance contacts the pipe. When transporting elbows, useful fixing methods shall be adopted.
In order to transport the PP plating bath to the customer's hands in good condition, the manufacturer shall carefully check whether the protective packages are complete and meet the requirements when departure.